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Need Of Insurance

It seems everyone asks the question, "Do I need life insurance?" at one time or another. It's understandable because life insurance can be confusing at times. It's not something we are all experts at knowing about. In fact, the thought of life insurance scares many people away from even considering purchasing it. That is unfortunate because it can make a such a huge impact in the lives of your loved ones in the event of your death. So, how do you answer the question, do I need life insurance? Let's take a look at 5 good reasons you may need to have life insurance protection.

1. Are you married? Do you have children? These are two very important reasons to have life insurance. If you have dependents who are counting on your income, what happens if you pass away? The last thing you want is for your wife and children to worry about finances, and how they are going to try to make ends meet. I have seen firsthand how important this can be. A good friend of mine was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor. It just came out of the blue. Less than a year later he passed away, leaving a wife and family behind. He had no life insurance of any kind. You never want to put your family in a situation like that.

In fact, you should have life insurance protection on both you and your spouse if you have children. Do I need life insurance? If you are married or have children, I would have to say the answer is positively yes.

2. If you have a mortgage and other debts, you should most likely have life insurance. Having insurance to pay off your debts and your mortgage means that your wife and family will not have to worry about this in the future. This is a great reason to have life insurance protection.

3. Do you want to leave your grandchildren set up financially? Leaving them a legacy is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give your grandchildren. You can easily have your life insurance policy set up to provide for all of them equally, both those that are now here and others that may be born later.

4. You may be thinking that because you are in excellent health right now, there is no need to worry about getting life insurance coverage. Actually, this is the best time to get life insurance. If you wait, like my friend who had the brain tumor did, it will be too late. Getting life insurance when you are young and healthy is just plain smart. The premiums will be lower and you can build up a nice savings account with the cash value. In addition, if something were to go wrong with your health later in life, you will already have coverage in place.

5. Having life insurance is the most important insurance you can have. Did you know that if you were to develop a terminal illness, your life insurance company will pay out a lump sum upon confirmation? This allows you to get your affairs in order and fulfill any last minute dreams you've wanted to accomplish in life. This may never happen to you, and I hope it doesn't, but if it were to happen, isn't peace of mind worth it all?